Social Work Support

Nelson High School

Our goal is to support you by creating a safe space for you, providing therapeutic interventions,
and helping you find the right resources when you need them.

You might consider accessing School Social Work Service if your academic achievement is being affected by concerns like:

  • Managing school, family or peer related stress

  • Having thoughts of suicide

  • Difficulty managing emotions/overcoming obstacles

What can your School Social Worker do for you?

With your permission, and in a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space, your School Social Worker can:

  • Provide a space for you to talk about how you are feeling

  • Help you identify your goals

  • Provide you with brief counselling support and strategies for problem solving

  • Equip you with academic support by talking with your teachers and school team

  • Link you to information and resources

  • Work with community partners that you might be working with so that together, we can ensure you have the mental health & academic support you need

  • Provide you with crisis support and safety planning

What if Social Work support is suggested but you don’t really want it?

School Social Workers do provide a wide range of service to many students. However, not every student needs a School Social Worker. You may feel that you already have everyone you need in your circle. You may already be working with a counsellor in the community. You may have tried counselling and found it just wasn’t for you or maybe the timing just isn’t right. You know your situation best.

Connecting with your School Social Worker/Attendance Counselor

Nelson High School

For self-referrals to the Nelson High School Social Worker please contact:

Jenny White, MSW, RSW

School Social Worker
Pronouns: she/her
Cell Phone Number: 905-749-3043

Crystal Sitzer, MSW, RSW

School Social Worker
Cell Phone Number: 905-749-3053

Please note that the Social Workers email and phone number are only monitored during working hours. Please do not leave any urgent messages.

If you are in distress and need to talk, please contact one of the following two agencies - information, strategies and access to phone/text/live chat support

ROCK 24 hour Crisis Line at 905-878-9785.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call 911